study with bartholomy


I have formal training in psychoanalysis and other disciplines, but I choose to operate outside normative expectations.

What do I teach?

You will benefit from many years of wandering, gathering, and sifting: behind me stand a long line of therapists skillful and clumsy, patients neurotic and schizophrenic, gurus false and genuine, curanderos, professors, monks, dangerous wannabes and earnest adepts. Studying with me should be more valuable than many years of university or autodidacticism, because I have marked the few traversable paths through this swamp of procrastination and wishful thinking. The mark of real education is the ability to ask good questions, not the hoarding of answers: you will learn how to learn, such that you no longer need me.

Tools you may acquire along the way:

Demarcations along the path:

Sliding scale fees: this is not merely another indulgent yoga class, but a holistic training.

Telephone sessions weekly. Desert retreats available to advanced students. If English is not your first language, we can work around the problem. Español, Deutsch, 普通話.

The initial consultation session is free.


A good student will often hesitate, feeling unqualified and intimidated: but sincerity, humility, and courage are required, not foreknowledge or polish. I can teach anyone with these characteristics.

Ask yourself this question: What do you want to learn?

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