The Moral Disease

Drawing on Foucault, Nietzsche, Arendt, Freud, and many more, this is a study of moral phenomena from the Axial Age philosophical revolutions, to the religious fervor of late antiquity, to the totalitarian movements of the 20th century, to the latest illuminating tales of the “immorality of morality” in our own impotent, absurd, and yet ominous age. Once again, the spirit of skepticism and healthy thinking is tested against the histrionic fictions of the protofascist: we seem bound to repeat our mistakes, but that should not compel the courageous and rational to preemptive silence.



I’m a psychologist, author, and musician. I currently live off grid in a desert wilderness with my small tribe of animals. Most of what I am and have been is clearly legible in my work, for those who know how to read and listen. And yet what I feel is important to say here, is not what I am to myself, but what I want my work to be for a few others.

Teaching is my final ambition: I feel more than ever, that there is a small but slowly emerging cadre of young people so nauseated by the bovine comedy of this “first” world, that a tenuous window of human renaissance is hovering in the margins - where once I saw only more reasons to invest in solitude, I now see opportunities for many conversations long overdue.

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